This is not a joke.

I walked into my local Target today, saw the Gran Turismo cars, then saw the $1.64 price tag. I did a quick price check scan and sure enough, $1.64. This is a small Target that does not stock MBX singles, premium brands, and very rarely puts out premium HWs. Their diecast section is the bare minimum, so I rarely go hunting there. But today was the rare occasion where it came through for me. For slightly more than the price of a mainline, I grabbed all of them.

If you’re doing a trade with me, let me know if I can add any of these to your packages.

I also went to a different Target and found the only two Redliners castings they had left. So, that means they’ve arrived in my area and I shall go berserk with my hunting tomorrow. Also, Volvo decides to show up after I had already made a trade for him. Pop Culture A100 with the Rancor is a nice find too - the most popular of the series.


Speaking of Star Wars...


I’m getting ready for Rogue One.