Big things with little cars

Great Caesar's find

I finally found the Datsun BRE without breaking the bank. No surprise I guess as this is not a Hot Wheels but I’ve seen the price of this going up beyond retail price in ebay. And also found the Nissan Safari Rally which is a great companion to my TLV Datsun 510 Safari rally. And also a neat VW bug rally. All this and the next picture below are from Hobby Lobby.


Here’s a nice new tooling VW squareback with added tow hitch by GL. Also a Johnny lightning diorama set with a garage and the famous Christine Plymouth.

Even though I love JDM, I don’t neglect the cool vintage American cars in their true 1/64. I’m glad at least one Walmart in our area is stocking on AW.


Lastly the mainline HWs and my first Matchbox JW featuring the G Wagon.

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