Big things with little cars

Great Matchbox, M2 & HW Hawl

And Hot Wheels too.

It took me a while but managed to find a few of the Matchboxes that I’ve been hunting. The Matchbox were either from Walmart or Target. Forgot to included them in the picture but I also found the Trailer Trawler and Flatbed king in Dollar Tree. Except for the HW VW pickup, I wasn’t hunting for the CRX nor the BNR 32 but found them and decided to pick them up as well. I was aware that M2 was planning to release the Auto Japan coke livery models but was fairly surprise that our Walmart already had them. A guy was actually looking at them and thought that he would get it but he ended up leaving them.


But here is the bonus find, thanks to a member here who left a tip that Michaels was getting Matchbox including the ones with opening parts that is still not seen in Walmart nor Target. With 50% off this was definitely a good deal.

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