As some of you may have seen in an earlier post, I am gathering a large amount of Greenlight 1/64 scale Blues Brothers cars for a diorama. I’ve been assembling items to complete the diorama and in the past two weeks have “parked” all the cars on my IKEA computer desk. Like so:

Tonight I went to move them from the computer desk to the actual diorama table and noticed a ton of what looked like oil spots....and they ended up not only looking like oil spots, they were actually significantly-sized pooled oily junk that left huge smear marks when I touched them.


Notice the spots where there’s no oil? That’s where the older (pre-2015 models) were parked. So.......I’m thinking there was a change in tire compound that makes them almost melt....on some surfaces at least as the older models did not leave these marks. That or the table is causing it.


Long story short: has anyone else experienced this?

P.S.: I have the cars on a different surface now so we’ll see if it was just a table issue or if the tires have problems.