I wasn’t expecting to get my hands on this Greenlight in a store but then I saw it hanging on the peg at TRU and quickly grab it. Of course at that time I was wondering too if there would be some quality issues that I will be encountering as I was disappointed at some of the Greenlight product specially their wobbly wheels. So after I opened it a quick inspection on the product.

This is one product I have no regret in owning. The details are amazing. It even has a little antenae/satellite on the top (which you have to be careful as it is very fine) I’m not familiar with the actual vehicle so can’t say for sure the accuracy of it but seeing these on the freeway while going out of town it seems like a good replica. The wheels has some minor issue (wobbly) but way better compare to their durastar. I missed getting the other Route 66 Fleetwood model and wondered if any member had gotten it and whether it lived up to your expectation. This one is highly recommended.