Big things with little cars

Me and the wife made the nearly three hour trek over to Indianapolis today in order to attend the 3rd annual Greenlight Diecast Collector Event. I hadn’t been before and didn’t know what to expect, but was glad I went. Among a TON of diecasts of all shapes, sizes and colors, they debuted the 1/64 and 1/43 Bigfoot prototypes — that had literally arrived at their offices earlier that morning. These are some of the first, if not the first, hi-res photos of these trucks posted. I took video documenting the event, and a bunch more pictures, which I will post soon!

Prototype 1/64 scale Bigfoot 1
Prototype 1/43 scale Bigfoot 1
This is another version of a Ford monster truck, but has different features and larger width tires than the Bigfoot 1 casting.

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