All images from the Greenlight Collectibles Facebook page.

For all of us who rarely spend time on Flickr or Facebook, Greenlight Collectibles recently unveiled the images of the long-awaited Hitch & Tow Series 12. This particular series marks the debut of three new trailer toolings - a double-axle dump trailer, a glass display trailer, and a gooseneck trailer.

The new display trailer and gooseneck trailer certainly will make for more interesting display options, plus other manufacturers have yet to offer anything similar.

For all the complaints that people have about Greenlight’s quality control, at least they appear to be investing their revenues into expanding their lineup with much more variety.


Unfortunately, Hitch & Tow distribution in Canadian Toys R Us stores is stuck way behind, so I’ll have to find other means for acquiring anything.

Release for this series is scheduled for December 2017.