Sliced open the packages last night to see what I was all in for to do a simple wheel and tire swap, and noted some interesting differences in what I assumed were identical castings.

After removing the plow and salter from the white truck, I noticed they were held on by pins inserted and glued into holes in the chassis. Assuming they just drilled the holes, upon further inspection its a whole new casting.

Although imprinted 2014 and 2015, they’re really the same truck. The stampings for the copyright are the same, 2014. Though if you look close, besides the holes in the white truck’s chassis front and rear, the catalytic converters are flat on the white truck:


But rounded on the black one:

Plus, the white truck’s fuel tank has a notch toward the rear that the black truck’s does not.


On the shiny side, once the camper top was removed from the black truck (just a bit of glue holding it on) I noticed that not only does the white truck have a matte bedliner-like finish to it whereas the black truck’s is body colored, the back window on the black truck is clear, after I cleaned some white film from it. The white truck’s back window is tinted as dark as the rear side windows are, and as dark as the windows on the camper top are. I guess I’ll be swapping windows as well. I was hoping to drill out the rivets holding the trucks together but the battery on my drill was dead, so I hope to have them apart tonight to see what the next steps are. Probably just popping out windows and swapping chassis, but we’ll see. As far as the details go to make it as perfect a replica of my truck as I can, I’ll have to paint on a third brake light (left off the black truck due to the camper top I’m guessing), more accurately paint the headlight housings, and remove the HEMI tampos. The dual exhaust I might just leave, or paint the tips black to hide the fact that they’re there, as my truck has a single outlet on the right side behind the tire.