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Greenlight RAM Swap, Day2

Okay so its several days later. My free time comes at a premium. But it’s ENGINE SWAP TIME!*

*Who downgrades to a V6 from a HEMI? When its as easy as removing a tampo from the side to match the actual vehicle I have... me?


Borrowing some nail polish remover, cotton swabs, and my bathroom counter I first tested the method on the white truck

That went pretty well. Time to do it to the black one.


Ah, much better


OH! And another difference I noticed. The wipers/cowl were painted on the black truck (which had a non-tinted back window) but not the white (tinted back), so I am going to attempt to paint them on...


In all my model building days painting window trim was my most hated task, ESPECIALLY when the wipers were moulded onto the ‘glass’. This is gonna suck. But I’ll try.


Then its onto the interior. Which, I found out will be easier now since I learned the dashboards come out.

Next step will be paint, then re-assembly.

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