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Greenlight's Heritage edition Ford GT

At $7.99 a pop, true 1:64 scale models are not something I typically collect. However, if I’ve got a coupon in my pocket, I will definitely give in to that temptation hanging on the pegs. This is Greenlight’s Ford GT Heritage edition. All of your favorite historical Ford GT40 liveries painted on the latest Ford supercar; this silver and black car is actually part of Series II release from the diecast company from Indiana.


I settled on the black and silver number 7 car, as it isn’t one of the mainstream liveries. I think it was the blue ring around the deep bronze wheels that really drew me in. The paintwork is spot on with no misalignment with the pants and the stripes are straight and true.


You will notice, however, I do not have any photos of the front driver’s side wheel up front. While editing my photos for this post, I noticed way too many defects to feel comfortable including it in my post. That glorious blue ring around the tire was choppy and missing paint. The design of the wheel still had plastic remnants stuck in the spokes; one of which was still completely sealed. Coincidentally, that side of the car was hidden from view on the blister card, otherwise I probably would have left it behind. It is a great little car, but had I seen that I would have taken another one home.



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