This is so unbelievable of a hawl, I’m fully ready for someone to tell me these are modern repros. I’d started to consider letting some of my obscure brands go, and only hunt for ones in really good condition. Then I start digging through a bin on the bottom shelf of a vendor (who is only there on Sundays) and I struck tin. Tintoys:

I have some Tintoys already in my obscure brands collection, but I’ve never seen so many, in good to great condition, all in one place before.

I tried to avoid doubles (yes, there were that many Tintoys cars), but a few were in too good of a condition to leave behind. Some of these were a hard decision to choose between two identical cars.


Another accidental double...oh well. Some of these look like they were once played with, however carefully it may have been.
I already had that W.T. 206 Ferrari Competizione, but not in this condition. And for sure not with the wing still intact.

The Mercedes at the end still has the hood ornament! I’ve never seen that.

I may take the time to take shots of all of them individually, and their bases, some have W.T. before their model number, and some have WT with no periods after the initials.
Just depends on how ambitious I feel after our third nor’easter in three weeks hits tonight. And if I have enough strength left to lift a camera.


Never a dull