I bought a diecast over the weekend, but it won't be here until Friday. Instead of revealing it just yet, I thought it would be fun to have a little contest to guess what it is that I bought.

The Details: Guess the Make, Model, and Model Year Range of the diecast I bought, based on the clue below. The first person with the most correct answers wins. Additional clues may be distributed throughout the week depending on how challenging this actually is. You may guess as many times as you like, but your last answer is the one that will be used. The contest ends this Friday at 4 pm EST. A tiebreaker will be issued if two or more people have the highest number of correct answers, and posted them within 5 minutes of each other.

The Prize: The prize, a ~1:64 diecast valued at ~$1.00, will remain undisclosed until the end of the contest on Friday, unless a tiebreaker is required. Let's just say it's a very reliable, if somewhat boring, ride. Don't get too excited.

The Clue: The part below is from a 1:1 of the car in question. A lot of these cars were made, but few had this part.



The answer will be revealed on Friday. Good Luck!