Big things with little cars

Guess what!

I found the Datsun 510! This is probably old news and some of you might even remember that I posted a couple of Matchbox 510 in detail just a few weeks ago so what’s the big deal?

Sshh... (whisper) it’s because there’s something different about it.

For the sharp eye, you know what I mean.

It’s the variant on the wheels.


This 6 spokes is what I usually came across with and the only time I’ve seen the disc wheels is in Lamley group and supposedly this was the original plan by Matchbox (looking at the art work on the blister pack) but it turns out I’ve seen more of the 6 spokes.

I just happened to pick up some food and passed by a Dollar Tree and was browsing the pegs and there was nothing new. I nearly ignore the Datsun laying on the shelf which probably got dislodge from the pegs as I already have them till I noticed the wheels and quickly grab it.

Whether they are starting to issue the discs or one of the few that came out remains to be seen.


This one is a different story. Went to Target tonight for groceries and stopped by the die cast aisle and found the rover pickup. It looks like the pegs have been sorted out as I found this lying with other models on the bottom and when searching at the pegs there were a few of these still available but no JDM that I can find. Seems like British brand die cast even when new are getting ignored at this point which is good if you like that specific model.

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