[GuessED Game] Spaghetti Sunday: ma il gioco d'azzardo!

Okay, let’s see if there’s some knowledge on real Italian classics on LaLD! I’ve pulled out one of my older 1/43’s, put it on front of my Abarth diorama and blurred some identification parts on the door (Paint Alert!). Nothing to win except eternal fame and many internet bonus points. I’ll give you a few tips:

  • It’s Italian. Of course;
  • You see that ‘F’ in front of the door;
  • The model itself isn’t actually expensive, prices for the 1/1 are hard to determine: it’s rare so expect way over $100k;
  • It’s really, really old. I doubt any of us was around back then.

Good luck on this one, I tried Google Image Search but the only things you’ll come up with are my prior posts using this backdrop. Which tells me I’m in need of some new ones ;-)




8:12 Menandz Mags had it all figured out. Although Small Scale Sidney probably knew already and Herr Tinfoil was close as well!

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