First off, I just want to thank everyone who has participated in this guessing game. You guys came up with some great and quite creative answers. Some of those cars I wish I had found, hahaha! But the car in question was guessed correctly, and by quite a few people. As became evident by my clue yesterday, everyone seemed to figured out it was the 1962-1964 Ferrari 250 GTO!!! And just in time for Ferrari Friday too!

I picked up these twins at the comic book shop I show y’all while I was on vacation. They were sitting on opposite ends of the case of loose cars, but I knew I had to grab both of them. The red one I am keeping and black one is the prize to be given away to whoever guessed the 250 GTO first.

After going through the time stamps, the first person to guess that was SN210!!! Congrats buddy. I’ll be getting in contact with you soon to get your mailing info to send you your prize!!! Let me know what your email is once you read this.


A lot of people have asked me about some of the clues and wanted to know how they related to the car, so here are the explanations for all of them.

Clue #1: The car was built in Maranello, Italy and made it’s debut at the FIA World Sportscar Championship at Sebring in Sebring, Florida in 1962.


Clue #2: This one I might have gotten slightly incorrect information on. Ferrari won the championships in that class each of those three years, but it wasn’t all with the 250 GTO. But it was considered to be one of the last competitive front-engine cars in the FIA’s top level of racing. As for the soccer team colors, no they were not the Swedish International Team’s, hahaha. They are the kits for FC Maranell0, as in Maranello, Italy where Ferrari is headquartered and the 250 GTO was built.

Clue #3: Gas cap for the 250 GTO.

Clue #4: The goat on the Ferrari, lol. It was a Ferrari 360 in the picture, but I just though that if people recognized it was a Ferrari and the goat was there for the GTO reference, hahaha.


Again, thanks to everyone who participated. Hopefully we can keep this going and make it into a LaLD tradition!