As we’ve been growing exponentially lately, I realize that there are quite a few new members who are not entirely sure how the culture of Live and Let Diecast! functions. Here’s a few notes for the new guys (and a reminder or two for us older guys...)

  1. We spell diecast without a hyphen
  2. Please add at least one image to your post
  3. Make sure you have permission to use that image — Your own images are by far the best — Doing a GIS search and grabbing what you like without getting the owner’s permission is unacceptable. The latest image usage rules are available here. If you have any questions regarding image usage, please contact me at
  4. Images posted on our site by contributors may be used on the LaLD IG account as well as our other social media outlets. We always try to credit the creator. However, if you prefer yours are not, please let Scott (SN210) or myself know.
  5. No “swear” words please (this site has a strong potential to be interesting to young children, including my own)
  6. Always cite your sources if something you write does not seem to be common knowledge...this doesn’t have to be graduate student term paper citation. A link to the website where you came across the info will suffice.
  7. Be nice. This is one of the best places on the internet and we are keeping it that way.
  8. Three strikes (violations) and you are gone

You can find all the lingo and short-hand that is used on this site via ZTP’s ever evolving LaLD Dictionary


We appreciate all your contributions to LaLD and how you’ve helped it become one of the best, friendliest, most incredibly awesome diecast forum in the world (literally). Thank you.

Your Admins

Jeff Simmons: Diecaster-in-Chief, media liaison, guy who wrote this
Philip: Customizer extraordinaire
Ryan (Frosted): Expert diecast hunter, just sends people diecasts randomly
Uly: Friendliest guy on the internet, will probably be the first to comment on your post with “Whooooo!” Also handles the reviews
Scott (SN210): Runs the amazing IG account, keeps everything humming
BJ (MCNR87): Originator of HWEP, Head of HR, coined term “Ban Hammer”


Questions/Comments/Suggestions? Hit me up at