Gulf Oil GT-40

Jobjoris requested a comparison picture, which is a great idea. Here it is next to an Auto World GT-40, which is pretty small inself compared to a Greenlight Corvette C7R.

Mobil Kinja put the pictures up top. Oh well!


In celebration for both the racing season beginning, and the new Ford GT being in the mix (although the #67 GT just went a lap down as I typed this), here is a Micro Machines GT-40 in Gulf Oil colors. This one is actually not from my childhood collection, but rather came to me in a lot that I practically stole from Vdubyajohn. Condition isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good. I think it looks raced in, which is actually perfect in it’s own way.

Consider this a preview for MicroMonday. Look at all the detail they crammed into a 3/4" long car!


It’s about time to shut down the 24 hours of Daytona stream, and head to bed. I’m not crazy enough to try and stay up all night.

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