Big things with little cars

Guys, I found my first $uper

It’s Tuesday night. The sale items at the grocery store will change in a few hours. I was asked to go to the grocery store to buy some $4.77/lb ribeye for making prime rib. This is the au jus.

I cannot believe it. My first Super Treasure Hunt. My first chase car. Ever.

Dinosaur chicken nuggets included in photo for dramatic effect

The pegs looked sifted through and like there’d be nothing good there. But there it was, sitting in plain sight. I also found a Bump Around T-Hunt but who cares. I found my first Super. Ever.

Fun fact: Today also marks two years from the day I bought my first new diecast in Hong Kong and got back into the hobby. What a coincidence.

I left out the photo of the uncooked ribeye roast out of respect to our vegetarian and vegan friends. I also can’t believe I didn’t use a single exclamation point in this post.

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