Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Guys! Read it!

So i was wondering about a few things.

I have a project....well idea that i want to do to benifit the world of paraplegics, visually impared and handicapped people. Those who wanna know what my.project will will include a car, a lot of coding, a lot of.time,.trial and errors and people to help.


My project is about being able for people who want to live independently, i wanna create a car that would drive for them but if you wanna drive it. You can. It will have self braking, a windshield that corrects to your vision and will give you HD quality vision. Also will be safe as a 1990's Volvo. It will have self.parking for those who simply cant drive.

There will be lots of testing to.make sure it works perfectly.

Ive had this idea for about 5 years now ever since i had my 6th eye surgery. I thought about the future and i want this to be made.


So yeah, if any of you wanna help me do this or would help me make renderings and stuff it would be amazing.

Thanks for reading my idea!

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