Awhile ago, we got a preview of what Tomica will be releasing in the Tomica Premium line with one maybe two already available.

Check out the post Small Scale Sydney done on the upcoming release up to April of this year:

Now an early preview of what Tomica Premium is releasing this summer have surfaced and they save some of the best for later.

The package graphic will receive a redesign, they did a small facelift towards the end of 2017 but now they giving it a makeover replacing the red square Tomica logo that it shares with the mainline Tomicas for a English font that pays homage to the original Tomica packaging.


The second change I’m still trying to decipher, it seems they’re adding an area on the box that allows kids to write their name on to clarify who possess the toy which is thoughtful since kids do lose stuff quite often (I’m guilty of it).

Of course the new releases, the jet is meh, the Fiat 500 is cool with Tomica already have one featured in the classic anime “Lupin the Third” now releasing a clean, stock version without the extra luggage on the roof.

And my favorite. The LFA!!! 


After years of me berating them and bringing it up here and there on LaLD in the past two months. Tomica has responded skipping the “regular” LFA and straight for the hardcore Nurburgring Edition. According to the spec sheet, it’ll feature opening doors and it looks like it may get plastic headlights instead of just tampos (the latter is yet to be confirmed.

Another car will be released in August and Tomica is keeping it under wraps for now but I speculate it’s something from the 80's and Italian with a modern Italian following in the mainline.

Sorry I’ve been inactive in the past month or so. I’m saving up my best stuff to show for LaLD Car Week which I’m counting down to.


That’s all for now. Until next time. Cheers.