The car as it appeared in the movie

Obligatory Zoolander clip

(Apparently the last part of that scene is improvised as Ben Stiller couldn't remember his line and just repeated what he said earlier. David Duchovny's reaction is hilarious.)

I used to think Greenlight was actually owned by Hot Wheels/Mattel. How else to explain both companies releasing an obscure model of a vehicle from a cult movie released 14 years ago? Even as a car guy, I can't say I remember the Ford Bronco from Zoolander. Yet currently in stores you can find both a Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment edition as well as a Greenlight Hollywood version on the pegs.

In the packaging both appear quite similar


The Hot Wheels


Sidenote: I so hate opening this clamshell packaging, the kind they usually put electronics into so you can't shoplift them very easily. So if there was a category for packaging, Hot Wheels takes it. (Savor that HW as you're not going to take many other categories...)



I'll be honest with you, I expected the Greenlight version to crush the Hot Wheels one before I even opened them. I've heard for awhile now that Greenlight Hollywood series are far superior to Retro Entertainment models, yet my first impression was not nearly as lopsided. While perhaps not as accurate, the wheels on the HW seem to fit better and the thicker roll bar looks better in my opinon as well.


Interior detailing isn't bad and it's got a manual!

Demerit: Notice how the tampo for "Bronco" spills onto the fender though.


Although this certainly isn't my finest picture, from a similar angle the side of the GL is much more detailed with side markers and a much less sloppy "Bronco" script. You may also note that this model has a suspension, whereas the HW version does not.

Demerit: Not sure why the steering wheel appears to be very close to touching the driver's seat, though...


From the back, detailing is pretty decent

Detailing on the GL, however, is superior. Note the reverse lights and even the Statue of Liberty on the New York plate


Up front I guess the best way to describe the HW would be "chunky"


Again the GL has superior detailing, like the multi-piece bumper. It also has sun visors!

Right now the GL has a comfortable, although not decisive lead. This all changes when I finally notice....


The hood opens! Pretty nice detailing with the addition of a little color, too.

So who takes it? The Greenlight Hollywood '67 Bronco by a mile. Advantages of the GL:

Opening Hood

Advantages of the Hot Wheels:

Package didn't require scissors to open

Both models retail for similiar prices although you may have to spend an extra dollar on the GL. This is money well spent however. In the end, even my 7 year old son agreed. Taking the GL Bronco to play with in the bath, while leaving the HW version out in the elements.


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