I had to call in sick today. No, it is not a case of St. Patricksitis. I didn’t spend my weekend carousing. I spent it putting these together:

They’re fairly flimsy paper... nothing like the Mechanics Corner sets or even as stout as the Innovative Hobby drive-in. But they do a good job of hiding what they are. And once the tents are actually together they’re surprisingly tough.

I built the Greddy first mostly for practice. Of course I wanted to keep it but if I was going to mess this up I didn’t want it to happen to the Gulf set.


I’m rather pleased with these overall. I ordered them from mycustomhotwheels.com, which might have been a bit of a ripoff, but at $13 each I wasn’t going to whine. (The prices are in ASD so it’s less in US).


I have two more builds for my pit lane, and they should be a bit more complicated. But it’s nice to see the thing take shape.

My whole family’s sick, but as soon as The Unboxer is up for it, we’re going to crack the Gulf F1 GTR to complete the scene.