Big things with little cars

So with my daughter down in Texas with her grandparents, my Father’s Day was kind of in the suck zone. She may be 12 and full of attitude, but she’s my pride and joy. So my wife let me indulge a little today and hit a Walmart and TRU.

The TRU hawl was just some cars I didn’t have that I’d wanted and of course, I found the Then and Now Astons. So now I have them, the Copo Camaros and inadvertently, the Skyline duo. Still waiting to find that damn Mustang. The Beemer was an impulse buy because, while I can’t stand how all media gushes over them, they are good cars and I’ve got a couple from years ago. And racecar! The Gulf Corvette is because racecar, Corvette, and proper Gulf Racing livery. With the GT, I’ve got one already, but thought I might need one to DLM. Now to Walmart.


Goooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllaa!!!!!!!!!! I saw the Emergency! Rapid Responder several months ago at an antique and collectible mall for good amount of money, like $10 I believe. Thought I’d missed it and damnitall. I loved Emergency! growing up. I wanted to be a firefighter because of it (I’m in I.T.). RockyClock described this vehicle properly. Mattel should have done a better job by putting it on a proper Dodge chassis and not the same generic one they’ve been using since the early 70’s. But my truck will have a friend now and I’ve got something I’ve wanted since 1978, but never quite got.

The other vehicle is the Ford F-250 Utility pickup from one of my favorite movies of all time, Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Now this one they did proper with a proper Ford chassis. Not the proper chassis but still a Ford. The correct one would have been an older, round headlight setup.


Correct tampos that are legible and clear and the taillights have separate lenses simulated as well.


Still, at $5 apiece, this is about my limit with HW. I had to justify it in my own head but in the end, they are iconic to me and so they had to be added to the collection.

Happy Father's Day to all of you fathers out there.

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