Big things with little cars

Happy Holidays LaLD! I come bearing gifts!

Ho Ho Ho! The photo is a hint. :)

Firstly, I want to express my gratitude for LaLD being such an awesome community. Collecting diecast cars and sharing them with my internet friends is just plain fun. But, on top of that, I have learned so much about customizing here that I really enjoy drilling cars and putting them back together for giggles. It’s great and I have all of you to thank. May your holidays be safe and warm. Don’t be knuckleheads like these two guys that went back to the store for their second 30 pack of Natty Ice without a designated driver. While wearing shorts and tee shirts in the middle of the winter (the greater crime of the two really)!

If the lead pic caught your eye... it’s probably because the swarming fleet of rozzers are driving Majorette Plymouth Furys. How did I come to own an abundance of Majorette Plymouth Furys you ask? Well... I’m going to give you a Christmas treat and let the cat out of the bag.


I found an eBay seller located in the Netherlands that has terrific shipping rates if you only purchase certain size 1:64 scale cars and whoaaaaah has this dude pretty much stole my wallet. The Seller is 2007rutger. For me, the trick is I have to browse his store using the UK side of ebay. Go to and use the advanced search to browse by seller. If I find a car I want. I open a new tab using the regular US eBay portal and search for the car using the exact description that he used. 9 times out of 10... the car will be listed in the “alternate international purchase options” after I scroll past all the overpriced US options. Average price for a single 1:64 car is about $4. Which is often on par or cheaper than cars shipped right in the US. Plus he combines shipping for multiple cars.

The reason I got excited about finding this seller on eBay is that he sells a ton of quirky old beat up Majorette/Playart/Yatming/Guisval/Mira etc etc cars. Just an absolute treasure trove for my kind of cars. Lot of other great stuff too, but the shipping appears to get crazy once you go beyond loose 1:64 scale. But, if (like me) you like to collect quirky sometimes playworn cars, it’s a great resource and I simply can’t keep it a secret any longer.

Go fourth my friends and collect!

For all my international friends here, I hope the sellers shipping rates are good to your country too :)


Peace. Love and Diecasts LaLD! 

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