This post is an excellent example why it’s so cool to be posting across the International Dateline.

This is technically my last post for 2017 in U.S. time, but my first post for 2018 in Taiwan time.

I went to the Taiwan World Trade Center to attend the New Year countdown firework show. This is my 3rd time attending this million head count event but the first time an EDC to tag along with. There’s people everywhere including on the shutdown fountain.

I got there at around 7:40pm with plenty of time to kill due to advisory of the huge crowd at and around the area with police shutting down all streets at 9pm. Luckily I brought something to munch on, currently ranked as the No. 1 fried chicken in Taiwan. I now know why.


There’s something going on everywhere you look. From street performances, live concerts, and much more. But I’m here for the main attraction.


That’s all for now. A big thank you to the community of LaLD for providing me another awesome year. Wish all the readers in the states a happy and safe New Year. In the meantime, Tomica Tuesday will be postponed this Tuesday since I’ll still be recovering from the party. Cheers.