Decided to share a brief story of an awesome day I had in the past. Involving the amazing Ferrari Enzo.

I am having a nice snowy Thanksgiving here in Colorado and it’s giving me some interesting light to play with. Since my Enzo is black, it contrasts really well against the overcast and snowy sky.

I’ve had this 1:18 Hot Wheels Enzo since high school ... so at least 10 years now. I’ve always found the Enzo to be a gorgeous car, despite some not thinking so.

Well one day in college I was at the local shopping mall and across the way to a parking lot way away from everything, I saw something very very special.


A black Enzo! (forgive the picture quality, this was before everyone had a good camera on their phones so I had to run to the nearest office-max and find a disposable camera - there was no way I was going to miss the chance to take pictures of this gorgeous beast!)


Anyways I’m standing there with my gf at the time taking pictures of it and gawking uncontrollably. At this time the Enzo had only just been outdone by the Veyron so it was still basically at the top-end of all cars in the world.

400 Enzos were built (definitely not that many are still around unfortunately), of which a very small portion were black from the factory. This was one of them. Personally I think black is the best color for the modern ferraris.



Well as I’m standing there taking pictures, a guy in sweatpants and new balance sneakers who may or may not have showered that day walks up straight for the door of the car.

I ask “Is this yours?”

He says “I dunno, let’s see if this works”

He pushes a button on the key fob and opens the door of the Enzo. My jaw drops.

I then talk to him and ask him what he does in order to be able to have a dream car. He says he works in something related to Wall-Street. He then asks what I plan on doing, told him I was in school to be an Engineer and he tells me I’ll definitely be able to have a dream car one day.


That was nice to hear as I was struggling to push through my second semester as a sophomore...which is kinda the make it or break it point in engineering school. I really needed some motivation to push through.

Anyways I was still having a crazy head-rush being around the Enzo and talking to the guy when he asks “You wanna sit in it?”

I couldn’t speak... luckily my gf told him “Yes he does”. That’s how this glorious image came to be:


The interior was surprisingly sparse. Only everything needed to help you focus on the driving experience. Carbon fiber...EVERYWHERE. He said he would take me for a drive, but he had no room for the stuff he bought whilst shopping. I said I didn’t even care as he just let me sit in it.

I thanked him again and he got in and rumbled off in a million dollar supercar.

One of the best experiences of my life. It was like meeting your hero and them turning out to be just as amazing as you thought they’d be.


Anyways, back to the diecast. Having this car helps me be reminded of that great day. The model itself was definitely worth the $30 or so when new. The proportions and paint are pretty spot-on. Details such as the moving bits are quite flimsy and don’t fit quite right, but that’s alright for the price of the model.


Anyways, time for me to go make a ton of food and gorge myself! Hope everyone is having a good thanksgiving!