Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Haul and Story

My wife has been in the hospital since Friday, so when she got taken to get some tests done on Friday I ran to the local (local to the hospital) K-mart to try and destress, grieve, and process.

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The K-mart had an insanely large stock. They had new 2015 and I even found 2 fantasy cars from 2012. This is what made the cut. There were probably a dozen orange Evoras and this was the only one with good tampos. I was happy to find the Caddy, and the Lincoln was a car I passed on in the past and regretted not grabbing. The 24 Ours I picked up on the way home while grabbing some groceries. Hopefully my wife and I will be able to have kids, and I want them to like prototype endurance racing more than I do. I also want our kids to liberate the cars. That is why most of my cars are still on their cards.

My wife is still in the hospital. Her family is keeping her company. I am at home taking care of the pets. [We had just moved and none of our friends had a spare key. The hospital is 3 hours away from our apartment, but that is where the nearest specialist for her disease is.] Hopefully she will be coming home tomorrow.


Background: My wife became ill 3 months before our wedding. We have been married for 2 years and 2 months now. In that time period she developed autonomic dysfunction and gastroparesis. We recently found out she has a genetic clotting disorder, and the clotting disorder and autonomic dysfunction caused her enough complications to have a mini stroke 2 weeks ago, at the age of 25. Recently I started collecting more HW and MBX. I find it relaxing sorting through and looking all the cars even if I don't buy any. I find hunting to be a good way to destress.

Good news: I found my camera while unpacking the other day.

Bad news: The cat puked on/in/through the cable box while I was at work today, so the cable box is no longer working.

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