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Custom Hotwheels Porsche 911

haven’t posted here in a while and felt it was time to come back. This here is a Porsche 911 that I finished a few days ago. It does not have any body mods and is primarily just repaint, detail and decals.

The car has been detailed all around and has decals from a variety of different sources. The tiny “911" symbol on the back, along with the side stripes, were all from @911customwerks on Instagram. Others were from gasser decals and other racecars.

Taped-up headlights for a racecar look

Wheels were rather expensive, but I think they do the job pretty well. The paint is Porsche India red from who knows where. (After I finished the car, I learned that the paint was at least 30+ years old!) The Porsche was finished off with a matte clear coat and some weathering on the front and rocker panels to make to look as if it has been raced. This and many of my other customs can be found on my Instagram @dbtcustomz. I’ve got some upcoming content coming that I hope you guys will appreciate, such as my entries to the Matchbox custom contest. Have a nice day and enjoy the rest of these photos!


Also, here is my custom Aston Martin Hotwheels id car, one of the first customs of a vehicle in the id series I believe.

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