This thing probably has a die-cast part or two, so it totally counts, right?? After more than 2 years of not buying a 1:1, I just couldn’t wait any longer. This week, I bought a new Mazda MX-5 Club!

So I’ve had a hankering for a new car for some time now. I had been thinking Mustang after a friend had me test drive a 2015 5.0 last year. I was pretty impressed with the car and trying to figure out how to get into a GT350 without a huge markup. The new MX-5 remained in the back of my mind though.


My cousin works for a dealer company that has a Mazda franchise. They had a red Club (the trim level over base that has all the sporty options, with a select few “luxury” options as well) with a BBS wheel/Brembo brake package, so I decided to take it for a test drive because why not. Well, the car was phenomenal and in my opinion blew the Mustang out of the water. Except for the motor of course. I know I just drove a 5.0, but considering price and availability I knew the Miata was a better choice than a GT350 and definitely better than a 5.0.

The car at my cousin’s dealer though had over 200 miles already and I was not at all impressed with the $3400 BBS/Brembo package. They treated me very well, but I just couldn’t go with that specific car.

As I left my cousin’s dealer, a GT350 actually drove by in low gear. That sound. I almost changed my mind. Almost.


I had located a red Club in Charlotte that did not have the BBS/Brembo package. I went to that dealer and did a test drive to see what that $3400 gets you from a driving perspective. Answer? Not nearly enough to justify the price. To top it off, when I sat down in this one, it had [b][i]FIVE MILES[/i][/b] on it. I was the first person to drive it aside from the people that got it from the factory to the dealership. I figured at that point I was leaving the place with the car before anyone else had a chance to drive it. They got down to the price I wanted and I took it home!


Now I need a little version...what are the Oversteers fetching on eBay these days?? :wacko: