These were acquired over the past 3 weeks. Finally found the MOMO 510 that I’ve been searching high and low. Found it at a Walgreens...I never have luck at Walgreens. In fact, I wasn’t even planning on going but my daughter “haaaaad” to try the new Orange Vanilla Coke (tastes like the old yellow Triminic cough syrup...HORRID memories). So we drove to the Walgreens and there it was, the last card on the peg. MINE!

Now, I’m not one to collect a series, but this one really struck a chord with me. Only one impossible to find is the Skyline so I’m sticking with these four. Not really a JDM fan, but if I find one, I’ll definitely pick it up to complete the set.

Lastly, this set took me by surprise. Found them at Target. Every Target I’ve frequented lately has been bone dry. Nothing. Pegs empty. Love the Mustang and the BMW. We’re old Monte Carlo owners, 1986 to be exact, so this was a no brainer to grab this one. In fact, was able to crack open two fresh boxes ready to be hung.


Until next time...