Apologies for the truly horrific image quality, my phone is being replaced due to its battery expanding and the replacement probably won’t arrive before the end of next week, so I decided to use the camera on this fourth generation iPod Touch... that was a mistake. I managed to get to the Hot Wheels pegs at a Toys’ R Us right as they were restocking. Snagged a Tesla Roadster, Model S, Lancia Stratos, Challenger Hellcat and Toyota Off-Road Truck. I found The Haulinator at a bookstore.

I picked up the Maisto Custom Aventador and Bburago 997 GT2 (this appears to be the Maisto casting of Rose Largo’s GT2 recycled) at an Aeon store, and the Ducati 1199 Panigale at a newsstand. I almost got some Tomicas at the Aeon as well as even more Hot Wheels from the TRU, but there were literally no employees around to unlock the display (as is the norm here due to theft and scalping). And, er, the title. (Actually I do have the money, just no way to exchange it for something I want for the time being due to the infinite wisdom of yours truly and several others).