Hello there Live and Let Diecast, I’ve been away for quite some time since the end of January. Then it was to study for my foundation course finals (still don’t have much confidence in the results :/), followed by a break for the Chinese New Year (wound up being stuck at home due to my father getting diarrhea and refusing to take anything more potent than carbon pills) and now a time sucking job with low pay and even fewer benefits. So much for a break. /rant

Well, at least I managed to pick up a Supra of all things. If you think the card for the Challenger Hellcat is rather beaten up, you’re right.

All of the mainline cars at this Aeon Big were stored in the same manner. The cards were folded in half to get them to fit. Oddly enough this doesn’t happen at the one at Mid Valley Megamall, seeing as that one sees a lot more traffic than this one.