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HAWL: Breakfast Edition

This may be my tastiest HAWL yet!

For those that don’t know, this is a Greenlight International DuraStar Box Van. As you can see, it’s done up in a Krispy Kreme livery. A delicious Krispy Kreme livery. I was actually going to do a full blown Cd’M on this guy, but then I saw that Matchthebox just did a decent write-up on one of these earlier this I’ll just do a HAWL post with more pictures than normal :)


I love the Krispy Kreme brand- and their donuts, of course. My dad would get a dozen of these things some Sundays before church when I was kid and my brother and I would always try to outdo each other seeing who could eat the most. I also grew up around Charlotte and still live here, which is practically right down the road from Krispy Kreme’s home office in Winston-Salem. Anyway, how about some more pictures?


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