HAWL: Catching up

Due to some logistical issues, I got behind on receiving some cars I had ordered from a few people. I wanted to wait to get them before doing a HAWL update. Well, I have them now, so here’s the update!

Speaking of logistical issues, my goodness the packaging on my Datsun was dreadful. It was basically thrown in a box with a couple of air bags and by the time it got to me it had escaped its protector pack. I don’t do cards so that didn’t bother me, but the card did sustain some damage. Not acceptable! Fortuantely, the casting itself was just fine. #4916. The CR-X was a store find, and yes I’m trading/selling the other 4 cars from that 5 pack. Sometimes one car is good enough to pick up an entire 5 pack for.


The rest of these were bought secondhand from various friends!


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