Sorry to interrupt the Car Week madness! This is just a quick HAWL update before a big vacation that will hopefully involve some major die-cast purchases. That HAWL will definitely need its own post.

First off, a couple of fantastic 1/43s. The Mazda prototype is a Spark and the Inetegra is from a brand called Modifiers. Modifiers came with extra parts and the car could be taken apart and literally modified...check out my Instagram post on this one to see more.


Next, a few big-box store finds. The Chevelle isn’t something I wouldn’t normally pick up, but something about it just called to me.

Finally, I went to a little thrift store with my parents in the little town of Galax, Virginia. There were a ton of die-cast in the store and I took home these 3 for a total of $2.50. The Hot Wheels were carded and the Matchbox Supra came in a box.