Had a great night tonight. Kinda chilly evening, got to take a brisk, long walk through the cool evening air. Sounds of the hustle and bustle had died down in town. It seemed like everyone else was either where they wanted to be or weren’t ready to be there yet. After a few brews and more than ample time to un-brew, I headed home.

I Hit up Walmart on my way home and so glad I did! A case+ $TH and Chase!

So much good here! Some close leave behinds: Super Chrome’s dodge van & Red Unimog. No-shows: JP battale damage explorer, reg EF, decent carded USS Enterprise(which looked amazing even in damaged card)


I NEVER thought I’d find this in the wild. It was actually hanging off the pegs between two group just dangling there in the back! So stoked! I’m riding high! I’m a little sad it’s not too “pearly” like I thought it’d be. The paint doesn’t seem to special. Also, no front tampos. Boo. Really excited about the r32s and Tesla special card as well.