The girlfriend and I visited nearby Dyersville, Iowa, which is famous for a couple reasons.

First, it was the filming location for the Kevin Costner movie, the Field of Dreams.

Second, and perhaps more importantly (depending on who you ask), it is also the home of the original Ertl toy factory.

Being an Iowa native, I take a ton of pride in owning vehicles that are stamped “Dyersville, Iowa” on the base.

We visited the Field of Dreams movie site, the Antique Mall, and the National Farm Toy Museum.

The antique mall blew my mind.


This place was literally packed with vendors of Ertl tractors, as well as various other scales and brands of diecast.
It was hard not to spend more money than I did. Really hard.
This is the front door of the antique mall.


The front of the National Farm Toy Museum.
This was a fantastic compilation of the history of farm toys.
They had diecast displays, historical information, and dioramas.


An impressive display.
Some of the dioramas.
Upstairs they had a massive display.


A depiction of different scales.
Hall of toys!
A large and immaculately detailed fire truck from Mount Pleasant, IA, which is about an hour southeast of me.


From the antique mall I was able to grab several regular wheel and superfast wheel Matchbox, a gold Roger Dodger(?) and a yellow XJ6 4.2 my first Husky! From the Tomy outlet, I picked up another brand new Ertl ‘80 Bonneville, as well as my FIRST NEW TOMICA cars! The Mini Cooper, Toyota Hi-Medic, and trucks as well. Waaay excited about this!
From the Field of Dreams gift shop, what other than a Greenlight FoD VW T2!
The Field of Dreams!!


I grabbed a Cadillac One from Dollar General, but at the antique mall I also grabbed an MOC C1 Corvette by Majorette, even if it is from the Coca-Cola series. Upstiars with the tractors, I found a Farm Supply Ertl gen1 S-10 also MOC, which is perfectly fitting for me, being an Iowa farmer with an FS located just a few miles south. Plus it’s from my childhood era of diecast. It’s like a time capsule!

It was an amazing trip, and I’m going to have to check back for more Tomica and vintage diecast!

Thanks for reading!