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HAWL +hewp bait

Went downtown to the toy store today to see if I could find some of the stuff anyone was looking for. The hw selection is big (although I forgot to take a picture), but it is mostly fantasy cars. I also wanted to pick up the Porsche series but they were missing number 3!! They also had a number of the e36 race I bought before and Huracans, current F&F cars and a few more of the Porsche series. The matchbox selection was pretty bad though.

Here is what I picked up. The bottom rows are for HEWP.


Here is some of the selection of other cars they had. This first one is the same product as the Venino I bought a few weeks ago. Tons of R8s is a bunch of different colors, Aventadors and other Lambos is some VERY lively colors, SLSs, Carrera GTs, Audi TTs, Fiat 500s new and old, some old Beetles, and some other things. And they are only €3

Here we have some 1/32 F1 cars and some 1/24 from maisto.


these 1/18s looked pretty decent for the price. After I took the photo I found a pink caddy I the back.


I also picked up a couple small souvenirs to throw in with any HEWP. If you are interested in any of these let me know.

What I’m looking for: P1, Veyron, Sesto Elemento, LaFerrari, any DeLoreans/Time Machines, NSX, Alpha 4C, XJ220, 2000GT, Morgan Aeromax, Huayra. I prefer carded cars, but for harder to get ones I’ll take what I can get.

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