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[HAWL] Hot Wheels Time: Estate Sale Redlines (and potential sale/trades)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on a Saturday. I went to a sale today, and picked up a few things that may be relevant to some readers here:

First sale I’ve been to all year - I’ve got back into hockey this year, the love of my youth. Being deep into midlife crisis, I devote what some would say is too much time to it, and Saturday mornings are skating practice. However, the programs have changed, so I have mornings free now (but late Friday nights, we’ll see how this works). I got up at 0500 today to attend a sale where I noticed some diecast in the ad. The sale was ran by a company, as usual for this area. I was able to identify the location by some clues in the pics, was first in line, and got what I was after:


Starting front left, we have a Custom Volkswagen, and Custom Fleetside with Sky Show ramp. From rear left we have a Hot Heap, McLaren M16A, and Ferrari 312P. These are all in pretty nice condition - the Ferrari has a little playwear, but the rest are really quite nice, dare I say near mint for a few of them, the Fleetside and VW especially. Paint-wise anyway, as a few are missing wheels, or have the bendy axles thing going on that doesn’t seem uncommon on redlines.  I know wheels can be replaced, and I suspect the axles can be remedied.  I don’t know how to distinguish the colors. The bases are quite clean, and are a mix of USA and Hong Kong:

Now on to the fun part. I don’t collect these, and I don’t plan to - I simply saw diecast in an ad, had a feeling I could get them, and went for the thrill of the hunt. This means I will be looking to let these go. I didn’t get them for a yard sale price, but didn’t pay $100 apiece for them either - if I roughly break even, I am fine. If anyone has more info about these (possible rarities etc) or wants them, let me know. I am open to trade boxed Lesney through D Box area, black box era Tomica, and game used hockey jerseys. I am also willing to trade cash.

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