I haven't done a proper HAWL in a long time, LALD. And when I saw earlier that Frosted snagged a G-case car in his local Walmart, I felt that it's time to check out my local store, although initially I was planning on going there on wednesday.

As it turns out, I hit pay dirt, a full dump bin filled with G cars. Although there was enough proof that scalpers already had their dibs on the cars, I was still ecstatic, since I got mostly all the cars that I wanted in this series. Also grabbed some F cars as well, I'm pretty sure I don't have the Lambo yet, but that VW Caddy should be my second one.


I know the Stude Champ is a double, but I couldn't help it, the casting looks really good, so I'll probably open this one and keep the other. My favorite castings from this HAWL? It has to be the M4 (tampoed headlights and rear logos, plus that CF finish on the roof), the Champ, the GTS-R Viper (it seriously looks really good, better than the silver previous release), and the Batmobile.

Also earlier, I swung by a local Target, hoping to score those new Cool Classics. Nothing there, but they restocked their shelves with *GASP* 2006 series cars!


Also, I helped myself to a TH Fast Felion, and a Hot Ones '86 Hurst Olds.

All in all, a pretty good HAWL day for me. So for those aching for some G-case cars, check out your local Walmarts, they might be restocking as we speak.