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HAWL: Me Too Edition

Long time no see, LaLD! Well, that’s not really true. I’ve been checking the site regularly but haven’t posted in a while. But never fear, I’m still around! Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of posts with the new Greenlight buildings lately. I also found a few of these and decided to pick up the STP garage. Not a huge fan of the STP branding, but I do prefer the garage over the gas station. So I figured I’d try using it for some HAWLage photos! First up, I’ve done alright finding the latest Hot Wheels.

I was also fortunate enough to find a couple of Majorette Porsches at Toys R Us!


The new M2 Machines Nissans are excellent as well. I think the simplicity of these compared to the typical ‘50s cars really helps. The ‘50s cars were great, but when the exteriors are not as complicated and have less parts, the whole package really comes together nicely.

Just as good and sufficiently huge is this Greenlight 1965 Lincoln Continental. I absolutely love these classic Continentals and had to pick this one up.


Another TRU Majorette find- the Ford WRC hauler. Still on the lookout for that Porsche one too!


And finally...well, I have no excuses for buying this. Or regrets.

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