After exactly 2 weeks my box arrived and with it came three Kyosho and a Tomica Limited Vintage-Neo!

Unboxing video:

Quick story/rant: I ordered this 2 weeks ago to the day. It shipped in 2 days and arrived in NY in 2 days. The remaining 10 days it spent wandering around the eastern half of the US. Here’s the log:

  • 2 days at a NYC Airport mail facility
  • 1 day in Queens, NY
  • 1 day of travel
  • 2 days in Kansas City, KS (must’ve liked the BBQ)
  • 1 day of travel
  • 1 day in Hazelwood, MO
  • 1 day travel
  • 1 day to my city and delivery

No joke, it took 24 hours to go from Kansas City to just north of STL. That’s a 4 hour drive. /rant over

Back to the cars!

Special edition Kyosho Lamborghini Veneno Roadster
Kyosho McLaren 650S Coupe


Kyosho Ferrari Series 11 365 GTB4 Competizione
TLV-N Nissan Be-1 from The Japanese Car Era series



Look forward for more pics of the individual cars soon!