All this time, I've been looking for an antique store of some kind wherein I can indulge in some classic diecast hawlage. Thanks to yelp, I found an actual toy store that specializes in classic toys, so I went there today. I was not disappointed.

Granted, the pricing is not on the same level as the flea markets, (he buys and sells the toys), but the place is close to me, and the store proprietor has a facebook page where he updates daily, posting any new stock he might have. So here are some of the highlights, and please pardon the dust.

Right to left: Siku Mclaren M8F and Porsche 917/10.

Johnny Lightning 1978 Indy Car, JL 1991 GMC Syclone, Siku Porsche 911 Cabrio


Bandai BMW 320i (that's what the markings at the bottom said), Matchbox Fiat Abarth 131 (I think)

Matchbox Lesney-era Lamborghini Marzal and Ford Transit


Matchbox Ford RS200 and Hot Wheels Ford Escort Rally

MBX Vauxhall Astra GTE in police garb, Hot Wheels Highway Patrol (I can't tell the real car which this is based of, my initial guess was a Chevy Caprice: on the underside, it's marked with 1977 and "Made In Hong Kong")


Porsche 928s. The red one is the P-928 by Hot Wheels, while the other is the MBX flavor.


Matchbox Datsun 280ZX

I need help ID'ing these two. Both are Hot Wheels, the red one has a Malaysia metal base and marked 1979, the yellow has a plastic base and 1973 mark on it.


Hot Wheels Sol-Aire CX4 and MBX Rolls Royce Silver Cloud


All in all, pretty great hawl for me, and apparently today is a great day for diecast collecting, because a lot of people scored some cool stuff.

BTW, for those in the IL/Chicago area, the store is called Quake Collectibles, it has three stores two in the suburbs, and the other one is in Chicago.