Did my usual trip to the collectibles show in the area. This time with a little LaLD meet up... again. Doctor Suarez was in town again and he finally got to explore the diecast without kids asking when they’re gonna leave. My part of the hawl:

Silhouettes. We both got a set each, nothing special here.

Was trying to convince Doc S to look through the $1 wall for goodies but it was too overwhelming for him. Like a mega Walmart dump bin with no supers but tons of random goodies from over the years. Found my 3rd blue Tyrrell 6-wheeler on a quick glace. This time I get to keep it for myself.

This thing caught my eye last week but hesitated and put it back down.


I’m glad it was hidden by some other things during the week. For way under the $25 I was expecting, I couldn’t resist taking it home.

Then there was this that another LaLDer asked me about earlier this week. It was available locally and offered at a special discount. Might pick up another for myself next week.


And these guys I waited a long time for and both versions finally came in! Very subtle differences between the Honda and Acura. Surprisingly the Honda is LHD. Was about to order another Honda from HK to get the RHD version but apparently this only comes in LHD. Probably the least impressive Mini GT casting yet but I look forward to opening one soon.


Total damage: $60

And then this guy came from Doc Suarez from Target as a RAOK. I never attempted to even look for it considering its way too much of a hassle to hunt but it’s nice to finally have one.


And then there was something Doc S handed off to me for yet another 3-way LaLD exchange. But I’ll leave that for the mail call post of the lucky recipient. Not really a surprise but we’ve made these 3 way exchanges work out pretty well.