Big things with little cars

I was thirsty after lunch today so I stopped by a grocery store to grab a cheap drink. And that’s where I found some goodies!

White Mazda Repu, Urban Outlaw Porsche, R30 recolor, Countach pace, and a regular TH on a beat-up card. Not bad. First time seeing an R30 in the wild. All for trade except the Countach which is for Noodles (our Noodles, not that cheap stuff down there). But it’s no big deal and I can give mine up if anyone’s looking. And what did I buy to drink? A can of coconut water for 50 cents.


Could my hawl get any better? I also walked into a 99c store with whole bunch of good HWs! The entire Forza set too, minus the chase (there was a Falcon right?). Also a few I’ve never seen in the wild before like the red R30. And this is what I picked up:

The yellow RX-7 I’ve been hunting forever for, a camo Datsun 620, and two sets of – oops, something doesn’t look right! Hopefully the Lambos are still there because that one seemed the most popular. Well I picked up two sets (kinda), one for me and one for whoever wants one. But if anyone wants the second set, I’ll readily send it off. One of the RX-7s too. Might be more goodies buried in there but I didn’t dig deep.

Most decent HW finds I’ve had in a while. I don’t feel bad anymore for forgetting today’s Taco Tuesday.


By the way, my HWEP TLVNEP list is almost ready.


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