Or Tomica hoard, or Tomica what the hell have I done...

I might have hinted something was coming A while back, I posted some Tomica I bought from a local collector who is downsizing his duplicate or unwanted material. Since then, I have visited him several times, and made a few more deals elsewhere, as I had the itch. I’ve gone down a rabbit hole of sorts, and I think I won’t be making any purchases in this volume in the future - my appetite is satisfied. Virtually everything here is mint, only a few duplicates or duplicates from my first purchase.

Time to share/show off/brag. First, the loose models - when I started into this, I was fine with loose mint models, but being into Matchbox, I have a thing for boxes too - from now on, I will concentrate on boxed models when possible. But sometimes, loose is fine.

First up, “early wheels” - those made up until around 1976, I think. Z cars are different castings:


And now the normal wheels -

American cars:


A few Euro cars:

Some older Japanese cars:


Old but not as old Japanese cars:

And now on to boxes. First, my local collector friend sold me a few empty boxes for cars I already had:


Boxed American cars:

Boxed European cars:


Boxed older Japanese cars, Sunny in front is old wheels:

More Japanese cars (and bike):


And more Japanese cars, including the one non-black boxed model, the Hilux camping car, a 1988 issue, I think:

I spent more than yard sale prices on these, of course, but some were very good deals - I’ve been working a ton lately, so rather than saving the extra money, I lived a little played with some of it. Via that, now I have a collection.


All of these will probably end up in future reviews, although some will be a ways out. I am sure some of you will want to know more about a specific casting, ask away.