I went to a model train show with my dad today and found a piece that I never through I would see anywhere, ever. I don’t know much about this one, it’s a hauler and racecar set that I assume was sold in Exxon stations in the mid-1990s. I’ve seen a random picture or two of it online and thought it would be neat to have (I’m a big IMSA fan) but figured it was a pretty obscure piece. The box identifies the brand as “Hermann Marketing, Inc.” and the scale is 1/43.

The box has some text on the bottom which says it was manufactured for and marketed by Hermann Marketing. Nothing else on the box or cars themselves identifies a potential manufacturer.

While the box says cars are not included, this one came with the 4 cars pictured inside the trailer and packaged in plastic bags. Each car has a little information card packaged with it; it’s just some cardstock with a bit of text printed on it, nothing special:


The truck itself is unremarkable, but the trailer has a pretty neat design based on a real IMSA hauler from back in the day. It also opens on one side and the trailer interior is detailed with stickers! Pretty neat, this would have made a good toy as a kid.



The cars are much more interesting. They are not super detailed or anything, but they are based on real liveries and feature licensed sponsors. Most of the logos on the cars I know are from real companies or organizations, so I assume the ones I don’t recognize are too.

Nissan 300ZX


Oldsmobile Cutless Supreme GTS

Ferrari 333 SP


Riley and Scott MKIII

It’s great to find something like this when you least expect it!