A little bit of everything in this update! First up, I was finally able to get this STH Baja Tundra after trading it for a STH โ€˜52 Chevy I found in a grocery store. Eureka!

Next up, keepers from a Matchbox 9 pack. The Miata is exclusive to the 9 pack...so yeah, I spent $10 for 2 $1 cars.

Next up, catching up on some convention cars from the Keystone Diecast Carnival, which I have sadly missed the past few years. The pickups are Tiger Wheels Chevy Cameos and the Firebirds are Auto Worlds.


The next pictures are all from one trade. First up, a couple of premium Hot Wheels.

Next, a handful of American cars.


Finally, a few interesting Japanese cars. The chrome pink RX-7 is a Matchbox issue, the blue SA a Road Champs, the Hot Wheels Civic is an exclusive from a pack of batteries years ago, and the CR-X is an old model from a company called Zee.