Big things with little cars

Hawliday In New Yawk

I wasn’t going to go. I was going to stay home and plan the installation of my last two kitchen cabinets. My buddy called, and it was off to the Stormville Airport Flea Market, Labor day weekend edition. I was not sorry I went...

ANOTHER Tin Toys Corvette? Majorette Trans Sport van, HWs Minitrek?


Tire donors...shhh, they don’t know yet...

A cool little no name Mercedes Benz. I normally wouldn’t buy a car where the base has creeped this far up into the grill and bumpers, but it’s all metal, the doors open, the base has been blanked out, and it’s just weird enough that I want to track it down. Calling Small Scale Sydney...!


This old coupe is by Universal Products? OK...but the wheels look like they all came from HWs GoKarts, or micro world vehicles.


And, last,

But, not least,


of Co Molded wheels...


Transparent Green! From the HWs Acceleracers line, woohoo! This car will sit in a case until I figure out what to build around those beautiful co-molds!

Oh yeah, a new recolor of the HWs 917 Longtail, from walmart:

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