Like I mentioned last night, I unknowingly grabbed my 5th Regular Treasure Hunt when I got a bunch of HWs at the store.

Well, I promised I’d show the ones I’ve got for proof, and I’m also gonna show the rest of my HAWL. Here goes...

First, here’s my mainline HAWL as a whole (Yeah, I know this one came out blurry...).

Let’s look at them up close, shall we? First, we have the last regular TH of 2015, Tread Air. I grabbed this because I needed it, but I didn’t have it marked on my checklist as a TH, nor did I notice the TH flame symbol.


Quicksand and Project Speeder are part of the Stunt Circuit set, which I now have all 5 of, and the Humvee completes the Jungle Rally set.

Next, we have the only TH in the 2015 lineup that isn’t actually a TH, the Fiat 500. I’m sure everyone here knows the story about that one.


Along with that, we have the Toyota Off-Road Truck, which, along with another certain model below, completes the Hot Trucks set.

The C7 Stingray coupe finishes off the Muscle Mania set, while the 180SX and another model below complete the Night Burnerz set.

Finishing off the Race Team set is the Lancia Stratos, and Invader makes it that I’m one away from finishing the Battle Kings set, with only the regular TH Enforcer remaining.


And here, we have Power Surge, that other car to complete the Night Burnerz set, along with Bye Focal II, a Super Chrome, and Clear Speeder, an X-Raycer.

Ollie Rocket, part of the Space Team set, has a very interesting story to go with it, which you can read here.


And, I got Sting Rod II, another Battle Kings model, alongside Invader.

And here, we have the last 4 mainlines of my most recent HAWL, including the ‘70 Superbird (which, along with the Stingray coupe, finishes the Muscle Mania set), the Subaru BRAT (which finishes the Hot Trucks set), Ice Shredder (which finishes the Ice Mountain set), and Grease Rod (which is part of the Tooned set).


But that’s not all...

I also picked up the entire 007 series...


...and a Retro Entertainment DeLorean Time Machine with Mr. Fusion!

And lastly, here are all 5 of the regular THs I’ve got so far for 2015.

There’s still a lot for me to show you all, as I’ve got a few months of HAWLage to take pictures of and show. I’ll probably just take pics of all 222 2015 mainlines I already have, and then my loose displayed cars.